Pre-Ice Talk and Innovation Factory – BCB146

DSCN1742Happy Christmas everyone!  This week we have the weekly report, tips, STF, and talk about Innovation Factory.

Weekly report: Maine got its first significant snow storm last week, and the lakes are starting freeze up.   We will be checking the ice this weekend, and maybe go ice fishing.

Tips and Techniques: 

Spud – should have a heavy head, and you want to hit the ice every few feet as you are walking out to check if it is thick enough.

Ice Cleats – “to keep your head safe”; wear them so you don’t slip.

Ice Picks – are sharp spikes used to pull yourself out if you fall in.  Make sure they have retractable covers or some other way so the spikes aren’t exposed.

Life Jacket – is not a must but is a very good idea for early and late ice, if you’re by yourself, or if you’re are walking on a remote lake where you are unsure of the ice conditions.

Rope – for if someone falls in, you can stay back a safe distance and throw it.  Also, rope is handy in many situations so it is always good to have along.

Some other things are an auger blade cover, and after rains, inlets/outlets and old fishing holes can open up so be careful.

Tip #2, our fishing area in our basement is all cleaned out, and we are ready for ice fishing.  Bring on that Ice!

Innovation Factory:  

Innovation Factory has been making innovative tools to prepare their customers for whatever comes their way.  JJ and Josh discuss the Off Grid Tools: Survival Axe Elite and many of its tools. It has over 30 tools in one!  Please use our link to support the show.  When you buy something, we will get a cut, but it doesn’t cost you anything, and the money will go back into the podcast.DSCN1834


JJ asks Josh, “What is the date of the BASS Classic 2018?”  Josh answered wrong.  Score: JJ – 3, Josh – 2.

Check out Josh’s other podcast:

Thank you for listening and holding with us through 2017!


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(Podcast Published 12-19-2017)

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