Episode 28: Respecting your fishing area and a Replay

This week we talk about respecting your fishing area and other people that may me fishing near you.

Instead of talking about the bear referendum again, we replay the segment from podcast number 19.



Episode 27: Ice-fishing fever with tips

We didn’t go fishing this week but we talk ice fishing.


This weeks tip is about how to find the lake depth with out having to drill a hole through the ice.

Episode 26: Long delayed segment and more referendum talk

The segment we didn’t do for two months we finally have on the podcast.

JJ is at 31 fish and Josh is at 34 fish.


DNR Creates Fish Habitat With Large Lakeside Trees

Episode 25: Swordfish attack, Bear referendum and next fishing trip Oh My

This week, JJ and Josh talk about the next fishing trip they will be going on.

They also talk about the bear referendum that is happening in maine.



400 Pound Swordfish Attacks Submarine