Earliest Ice Fishing and 2018 Goals – BCB147

GEThis is the last show of 2017!  We have an ice fishing trip report, and we discuss our 2018 fishing goals and goals for the Basscaster Bros podcast.

Trip Report:

We went to a small pond that had 3 to 5 inches of ice.  There were other people out there so it was pretty safe.  This is the earliest we have ever went ice fishing so we are very happy we could go.  JJ caught 9 fish: a brookie, pickerel, and yellow perch.  Josh caught 7 fish: a LM bass, pickerel, and yellow perch.  JJ caught all his on a jig rod with a Jigging Rap, and Josh used a mix of tip-ups and a jig rod.  We had a scary moment when we realized we were on thin ice and Josh stomped and it cracked slightly!  We quickly moved back and continued fishing on safer ice, however this incident made us more aware of safety on the ice.

In this episode we say, “2 inches is the recommended minimum for one person walking.”  This is only what the new, clear ice will support, but it is not recommended you go out on this ice thickness. Rather it is much safer to wait until there is 4 or 5 inches before going fishing.  Please look up the ice thickness chart for different activities yourself.


Fish Totals for 2017: JJ – 57 fish, Josh – 63 fish.   We didn’t do some of the trips where we catch a lot of fish so our numbers are lower than normal but we think the quality of fish went up.


We give some tips on how to set goals for the new year.

Goals for the BCB 2018: more guests, weekly podcast, expand listener base, add some affiliate links, add a domain and upload the full back catalog of episodes with the affilate money.

Fishing goals for 2018: catch a bass over 20 inches, go pike fishing, catch over 100 fish, fish a ice fishing derby.

Innovation Factory:

Check out Innovation Factory through the link on our website.  They have many sophisticated and useful tools to make life in the great outdoors easier and more productive.


Please email us with ideas for anything new we could do for 2018.  We would love your feedback!

If you have any questions or feedback
email: basscasterbros@gmail.com
Please rate and review BassCaster Bros. in iTunes or Sticher Radio. Or comment below.

(Podcast Published 12-31-2017)

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