Debating Fantasy and Football Fun – BCB#169

Trip Report

We ice fished on a lake where we have been previously but not this year.  Five fish were caught, Josh catching two of them.  They were small yellow perch caught on tip-ups in 30 feet of water.  Two others were caught on a jig rod in 11 feet of water.  The ice was 12 to 14 inches thick and abnormally smooth for this time of year.

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First 2019 Show and Two Trip Reports – BCB#167

In this episode we reflect back on 2018 and discuss our new hosting platform which allows you to download all the episodes in our podcast feed!  Enjoy listening to us when we were young….. younger!

Trip Reports:  

Josh when on a short trip and caught one perch on his new wind tip-up.


On the second trip we all went the same lake and this time I caught a pickerel on my wind tip-up.  It was cloudy and warm.jj-pickerel.jpg

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December Update and Ice Fishing Reports – BCB166

Winter was here early!!!!!!  Thanksgiving was in the single digits and there were several snow storms in November.  December has been pretty much snowless but kind of cold.  We have been ice fishing three times so far and give reports on all three.  Fish were caught on every one.  Perch, bass, and pickerel were the main catch. Continue reading “December Update and Ice Fishing Reports – BCB166”

Fall Updates and MLF Tour – BCB165

Maine has been getting a lost of rain lately.  JJ has become somewhat of a weather buff but don’t worry he keeps it simple.  The first snow fall was Oct 24 southern maine got a few flakes with rain, north western maine got 8 to 10 inches.  The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a long, cold, snowy winter…… so we’ll see…..  also Don’t Forget To Vote! Continue reading “Fall Updates and MLF Tour – BCB165”