2018 Relaunch and Website Makeover – BCB148

Version 2
This is a similar yellow perch to the ones that were caught.

Welcome to the Basscaster Bros 2018!!  We have a new commitment to the podcast and have an exciting year planned for you.  This week we have a trip report, BCB history, updated website, and a new version of STF.

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Back After a Few Weeks and 2018 Elite Schedule – BCB144

This is the longest break we have ever taken from the Basscaster Bros podcast!  A lot has happened in the last 6 weeks including: JJ got his permit, there was a severe storm that hit Maine with wind up to 60 mph and 4 inches of rain is some places, and JJ is working on updating the website.  We also went on a short, shore fishing trip.

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International Podcast Day and Fantasy Champion – BCB143

Happy International Podcast Day!  JJ won 2017 for Fantasy Fishing!  We also have other Elite stuff to talk about in our 143rd episode.  First though, we discuss our Fantasy Year in full: number of tournaments, whether JJ or Josh won more, etc.  Next year we plan to win the bass boat! 😉

This a a similar area to the one we fished.

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Rainy Day Catching and Finally Totals – BCB139

DSCN8337This week we have multiple trip reports and a comprehensive review of our fish totals for 2017.  This is a great time of year for fishing during cloudy/rainy days; just be careful of lightning.  Hope you enjoy the episode.

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More Summer Fishing and Best Bass Lakes – BCB137

DSCN7457In the last few weeks, we went on two canoe trips that were very interesting.  We tried out our new topwater, weedless frogs and they generate some action but so far we have not caught anything on them.  We also have tips and Stump the Fisherman.

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