Episode 44: Dam removal and Sebago derby

The Sebago Lake derby was held Feb. 14 and the biggest lake trout caught was 39 inches long.


Lots of dams were removed in 2014 because of water quality and the dams were impeding fish migration.



If you use monofilament line than it is a good idea to change it out every year or two.  We use braided line which we like better.

Episode 43: Caster Question returns and B.A.S.S. Classic

We have held off the Caster Question for a couple of weeks, but now it is back for every other week.  The BassMaster Classic is going to be held Feb. 20-22 and it is on Lake Hartwell in South Carolina.


During late ice the oxygen levels in lakes has an effect of the fish.


Episode 42: Rig Debate and First Video

This week JJ and Josh went on a little fishing outing and Josh was able to catch one pickerel.  They have different opinions on keeping rigs so they have a little debate on whether they should save them.

In this video it shows how JJ and Josh make and store their rigs.

Here’s the video: Tying rigs

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