Episode 64: Fish Reeling Debate and Tips

The main topic this week is a debate.  JJ and Josh have a fun time debating weather you should reel a fish in fast or play it for a little while.  Also they answer the Caster Question.


Use your fishing time wisely by casting every chance you get.

And if there are some weeds on your hard bait make sure you remove them before you cast again.

Episode 62: Wade Fishing Success and Wind Rhymes

This week JJ and Josh have two trip reports to discuss, but only one trip they caught some fish.  This was their first time they experienced wade fishing.  They also have a new Caster Question and mention  their next canoe trip.

JJ and Josh state the top 100 bass lakes in their area and talk little bit about some of them.


If the wind is in the north do not go forth.

If the wind is in the south it puts the hook in the fishes mouth.

If the wind is in the east the fish bite the least.

If the wind is in the west the fish bite the best.