Episode 68: Exciting Canoe Trip and Chesapeake Bay Picks

This week JJ and Josh first talk about their most recent canoe trip were they had to carry/walk the canoe about 1/3 of a mile.

Stump the Fisherman

What are the bag and minimum length limits for Striped bass and American eel?

JJ got 1/2 a point.

Elite Picks

JJ: 335 points – WINNER!

Josh: 352 points

JJ won for the first time!

Episode 67: Thunder Storms and Crankbait Retrieves

This week JJ and Josh have the Caster Question for the last time because it is going on a hiatus for a while.  They talk about their most recent canoe trip.

Stump the Fisherman

What is the hardest way to acquire a fish?  And also: state 3 different kinds of crankbait retrieves.


Make sure to stay of the water during thunder storms and check the weather before you go fishing.


Episode 65: Windy Big Fish Trip and Half Moon Jig

In this week’s podcast Josh and JJ talk about the most recent fishing trip they went on.  They also have the Caster Question and Stump the Fisherman.  Make sure you e-mail them and tell them how you found their podcast.  http://basscasterbros.edublogs.org/contact/


You can find lures and other fishing tackle in the trees near popular fishing areas.

Make sure your check yourself for ticks after you come back from your fishing trips.