Episode 60: Stumped Fisherman and Our Second Guest

This week JJ and Josh have their second guest, Marie, on the show to talk about the big bass that she lost at the boat.  They also have the Caster Question and list the winners for the Bassmaster Kentucky Lake-Bassfest.


Make sure to keep your hooks sharp because you can loose fish if you don’t sharped them.

Also if you are using a white spinner bait with a white soft plastic trailer and you are not getting bites, then you make some marks with a red marker to make it look like the fish(bait) is bleeding.

Episode 59: Largemouth Canoe Trip and Elite Picks

This week JJ and Josh have a longer show.  They talk about the most recent canoe trip and tell what they used to catch some fish.

One of JJ’s nice fish.


Here are some of the fish Josh caught:


Josh’s biggest LM bass.

DSCN5344DSCN5342 DSCN5347_2



JJ and Josh go over there picks for the Bassfest at Kentucky Lake.

Points for the year:

JJ: 387

Josh: 228