Back After a Few Weeks and 2018 Elite Schedule – BCB144

This is the longest break we have ever taken from the Basscaster Bros podcast!  A lot has happened in the last 6 weeks including: JJ got his permit, there was a severe storm that hit Maine with wind up to 60 mph and 4 inches of rain is some places, and JJ is working on updating the website.  We also went on a short, shore fishing trip.

Trip Report:

We went fishing on a river in a familiar spot but it didn’t produce like normal.  Josh caught 3 tiny bass and JJ caught 1.  The river level was very low.

Sorry about the bad quality, and the date is wrong.

Elite Tournament Segment:

JJ and Josh talk about the 2018 BassMaster Elite Schedule.  Next year is going to have some fun fantasy tournaments.   The Classic is being held on Lake Hartwell in Greenville, SC.  Lake Martin in Alabama is the first event this year in early March.  The northern swing is in June instead of in August like usual, and they will be going to Lake Oahe for the first time which is the largest man-made lake in the country!


JJ – 47 fish, and Josh – 56 fish for 2017.

Tips and Techniques:

Just a reminder to winterize your summer fishing gear, and to get out your winter fishing gear early to avoid what we did last year which was waiting until 2 days before the first ice fishing trip.


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(Podcast Published 11-10-2017)

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