International Podcast Day and Fantasy Champion – BCB143

Happy International Podcast Day!  JJ won 2017 for Fantasy Fishing!  We also have other Elite stuff to talk about in our 143rd episode.  First though, we discuss our Fantasy Year in full: number of tournaments, whether JJ or Josh won more, etc.  Next year we plan to win the bass boat! 😉

This a a similar area to the one we fished.

AOY Fantasy Results:

Josh got nearly 1300 points so had a pretty got team including James Elam and Seth Feider.  JJ did average with 3 anglers near 30th place and a 7th place finish with Cliff Pirch.

Both Ish Monroe and Mike Iaconelli failed to qualify for the 2018 BassMaster Classic after doing so for over 16 years each.

Congradulations to Brandon Palaniuk for winning the Angler of the Year Title for 2017!

Trip Report: 

We went on a evening canoe fishing trip but did not do as well as we normaly do at that location.  We got caught out after dark so be careful when you are out at night.

Go to to read about International Podcast Day.  This a day to spread the word about podcasting.

Note: For this fall only, we will be going to a bi-weekly format because of school and the difficulty of going fishing at this time of year.


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(Podcast Published 9-30-2017)

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