Bass Locations and Barnett Results – BCB132

Weekly Report:  The ice is out up to Houlton Maine area.  We are going fishing in the next few weeks.  (We recorded this two weeks ago but are only posting it now so the dates of some events may be off).

Elite Tournament Segment: Dustin Connell won the event at Ross Barnett.  KVD got second place. JVD third place.  A lot of anglers struggled the first day.  A interesting fact about this tournament is that Day 4 was postponed from Sunday to Monday because of the storm that was going through.  The central U.S. got hammered over the last few weeks.

Fantasy Fishing: None of our guys made it to the top 12, most of them were between 20th and 70th place.  We are now in the 70’s% for Fantasy Fishing, going up every time which we are happy about. Hope your teams are doing great as well and if they didn’t there’s always next time!

Tips and Techniques: JJ talks about bass habits.  He goes by water temp instead of time of year as it is different in different parts of the year.  Bass start feeding heavier when the water hits 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  When the water is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the male bass are guarding the eggs and you can have some fast fishing at that time. Just make sure your release them quickly in the same area so they can go right back to the nest.  JJ and Josh argue (a little) about whether to use jigs or crankbaits.


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(Podcast Published 5-18-2017)

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