Bass Locations and Barnett Results – BCB132

Weekly Report:  The ice is out up to Houlton Maine area.  We are going fishing in the next few weeks.  (We recorded this two weeks ago but are only posting it now so the dates of some events may be off).

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Episode 6: White perch and line discussion

This weeks trip was during the white perch run.


This week we talk about the different types of line.

Pros and cons of each line.

Monofilament: memory, stretches

Pros: Light line, floats and cheap.     Cons: memory, stretches and deteriorates in the sun over time.


Pros: Same light refraction, less stretch than mono.    Cons: Expensive

Braided line:

Pros: Smaller diameter than mono or fluoro, floats, no stretch, no memory and cuts through weeds.    Cons: Expensive, more visible by the fish and weak knot strength.

Uni knot and double uni knot :   

Make sure to get 8 strand braid instead of 4 strand. Here’s the one we got:  .l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xagepoch+8+stra nd&_nkw=agepoch+8+strand&_sacat=0