Festive Picks and Tick Tips – BCB133

We have the full BASS Elite and Fantasy info about the Sam Rayburn event.  We also bring you information of ticks, how to avoid them, and to avoid the diseases they carry.

Elite Tournament Segment: The Bassmaster Elite Anglers are going to Sam Rayburn Reservior in Lufkin TX, which is near the LA border, from May 17th through the 21st.  That is 5 days but there is no fishing on Friday.  The lake is 178 sq. miles.

Fantasy Fishing Segment:

Tie Breaker Weight: JJ – 86 lbs 7oz, Josh – 83 lbs 9 oz.

Bucket A: JJ – Ott Defoe, Josh – Ott Defoe.

Bucket B: JJ – Randy Howell, Josh – Mike Iaconelli

Bucket C: JJ – Aaron Martens, Josh – Matt Herren.

Bucket D: JJ – Jared Lintner, Josh – Jared Lintner.

Bucket E: JJ – Justin Lucas, Josh – Justin Lucas.

Tips and Techniques: We talk about ticks.  Coastal Maine has a heavy tick population and a good percentage of them carry disease.  There are more than 10 diseases ticks carry!  Be careful and wear tick repellent: Wondercide(which is a cedar oil), Permethrin(not mentioned), DEET, etc.  Please research these yourself before buying or using.  We also share other facts and tips about how to protect yourself.

STF: Josh asks JJ, “Who is curently leading the AOY?” and, “Who is leading the Rookie AOY?”  JJ got half right but it doesn’t count.  Score: JJ – 2, Josh -2 answered correctly.

Note: This podcast was recorded early and posted late so the dates could be off.

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(Podcast Published 5-26-2017)

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