First BCB Giveaway and Barnett Picks – BCB131

Weekly Report: Most lakes in the southern half of the state are ice free.  We have a big storm coming through as well.

Elite Tournament Segment: The anglers will be going to Ross Barnett Reservior near Jackson MI.   It will be held from April 27th – 30th.  Ross Barnett is about 20,000 acres so a little smaller than Sebago Lake in Maine.

We give TOS a little shout out!

Fantasy Segment: Bucket A: JJ – Jordan Lee, Josh – Jason Christie; Bucket B: JJ – Brandon Palaniuk, Josh – Brent Ehrler ; Bucket C: JJ – Randell Tharp, Josh – Boyd Ducket; Bucket D: JJ –  Jared Lintner, Josh – Bradley Roy; Bucket E: JJ – Justin Lucas, Josh – Shaw Grigsby.  Tie Breaker Weight: JJ – 65lbs 14oz, Josh – 66lbs 9oz.

We now have a lure give away!  You have to leave a review in itunes and than email us so we can put your name in a drawing.  There will be one lucky winner!  Email:

P.S.  We have a external microphone now so please email if it sounds better.


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(Podcast Published 4-28-17)

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