Must Know Tips and Trout Stumper? – BCB102

SAM_3289JJ and Josh share some

great fishing tips and have

lots of other segments.



Elite Tournament Segment

Greg Hackney won the event at Lake Texoma with 66lb-2oz.

2. Brandon Card – 64lb – 3oz

3. Gerald Swindle -60lb – 6oz

4. Chad Morgenthaler  – 57lb – 9oz

5. Ott DeFoe – 56lb – 11oz

Fantasy Results

Josh’s team this week did very well!  He had all five guys in Top 50 and is now about 75% overall.

JJ did well too, except for Mark Davis and is now around 38% overall.

Fishing Tips

Always bring small jigs when you are going on a fishing trip because sometimes small panfish are around your fishing area.  Josh always carries a 1/64 ounce jig to catch small panfish.

Another great fishing tip is: always keep you line in the water.  Even if your having a snack then still have you line out in the water and you will have a better chance of catching a fish.

Stump the Fisherman

How many kinds of trout, salmon, and togue are there in maine?

Answer: 7 kinds – Josh answered correctly.


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(Podcast Published 6-17-2016)

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