Lake Texoma Picks and Gathering Crawlers – BCB101

SAM_2714JJ and Josh were successful

on their latest fishing outing.

This week they went to a lake/river area to fish for perch and ended up catching 3 white perch and 1 pumpkinseed.  They used #2 hooks with 1/2 a night crawler.

Elite Tournament Segment

The next elite tournament will be held from June 8-12, 2016 on Lake Texoma in Durant, Oklahoma  This is Bassfest.  This event might be similar to the last on because it is in the same area as the last one.

Fantasy Picks

JJ and Josh discuss their picks for Lake Texoma.

JJ’s Team:

Greg Hackney

Kevin VanDam

Josh Bertrand

Mark Davis

Chad Morgenthaler

Total weight: 89-2


Josh’s Team:

Edwin Evers

Kevin VanDam

Tommy Biffle

Jeff Kriet

Chad Morgenthaler

Total weight: 85-15

Fishing Tips

Night crawlers work great while fishing for many different species.  Go out after dark, preferably during rain or wet conditions, then sneak around with a flashlight and grab them and slowly pull the crawler out of the hole without braking it.

Fish Totals

JJ: 39 fish

Josh: 50 fish

Both of them are trying to catch over 100 fish.

Stump the Fisherman

What lake was the first elite tournament on in the 2016 season?

St. John River in Florida – JJ answered incorrectly.


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(Podcast published 6-9-2016)

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