Fast Fishing and Cayuga Lake Picks – BCB103

SAM_3303_2The bass fishing was great on

the most recent canoe trip.






JJ and Josh went on a canoe trip this week and they did great.  Josh got 12 fish with his biggest smallmouth being 16 1/4″.  JJ got 7 fish and he practiced using a wacky rig.


Fantasy Picks 

JJ and Josh discuss their picks for Cayuga Lake.

JJ’s Team:

Greg Hackney

Jorden Lee

John Crews

Paul Muller

Mark Davis

Total weight: 76-15


Josh’s Team:

Greg Hackney

Dave Lefebre

Marty Robinson

Brandon Lester

Billy McCaghren

Total weight: 76-15

Elite Tournament Segment

This week the Bassmaster Elites will be fishing at Cayuga Lake.  At the event in 2014, Greg Hackney won with quite a lead.

Fishing Tips

JJ and Josh buy their crankbaits from Dhgate.  You can buy them for 1 dollar to a $1.50 so it’s a great deal.  Here are the ones Josh used on the canoe trip:


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(Podcast Published 6-25-2016)

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