Still Iced Up and Toledo Bend Totals – BCB129

Weekly Report: Some northern Maine lakes still have up to 30 inches of ice and they are getting more snow!  We didn’t go fishing but did some scouting of the area lakes.

Elite Tournament Segment:  The BassMaster Elite anglers are going to Toledo Bend reservoir from April 6th – 9th.  This is a reservoir of the Sabine River.  There are some huge fish in this lake, 10 or 11 pounders!

Fantasy Segment:  Bucket A: JJ – Greg Hackney, Josh – Ott Defoe.  Bucket B: JJ – Dean Rojos, Josh – Kevin VanDam.  Bucket C: JJ – Aaron Martens, Josh – Brent Ehrler.  Bucket D: JJ – Cliff Crochet, Josh – Brandon Palaniuk.  Bucket E: JJ – Justin Lucas, Josh – Chris Lane.  Tie Breaker Weight: JJ – 84lbs 8oz, Josh – 88lbs 2oz.

Elite Tournament Segment 2: John Murray won the Toledo Bend Tournament.

Fantasy Segment 2: JJ is at 68%, and Josh is at 78%.  JJ had an average team, but Josh had all but Chris Lane in the top 30!

We might go fishing next week so stay tune for that.


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(Podcast Published 4-12-2017)

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