Classic Champion and Boating Safety – BCB128

No Trip Report this week.  We give you the results of the Bassmaster Classic, Elite Tournament and Fantasy Segments.

Elite Tournament segment:  Jordan Lee won the Classic!  He had 56lbs 10oz and his bag on Day 3 was 27 lbs 4oz, but on the first day he only had 3 fish.

Four of JJ’s anglers made it to Day 3.  Only Skylar Hamilton was higher than 25th, 41st. Josh got 3 in the top 25.

Tips: Several tips for you this week. First, we talk about boating safety in spring.  Second, change the line on your reels before spring fishing if it needs it.  You can use low quality line for backing and put a “long cast and a half” of  high quality line on.

STF:  Josh asks JJ,” How many anglers are fishing the Bassmaster Elite series this year?”  JJ answers correct!  110 anglers.   Year results: JJ – 2, Josh – 1


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(Podcast Published 4-1-2017)


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