Near Record Bass and Changing Up – BCB106

SAM_4037JJ and Josh hammered the

largemouth bass on this trip.







They went to a small, shallow pond were they mainly used crankbaits and top water lures.  Most of the fish were 12″-15″ largemouth, but their Dad caught a 19 1/2″ bass that tied the family record.


Stump the Fisherman

Approximately how much of Maine does the Penobscot river drain?

Answer: about 1/3 of Maine’s area – Josh answered incorrectly.

Fishing Tips

Don’t be afraid to change the lures or the technique you’re using.  For example, if you are throwing crankbaits you could change the type of reeling action you doing.

Elite Tournament Segment

Bassmaster is went to the Niagara river for the Classic Bracket.  The top 8 anglers from last tournament fished against each other.  Kevin VanDam won this event.


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(Podcast Published 7-29-2016)

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