Football Jigs and Big Bass Stories – BCB107

DSCN5897Josh and JJ went on small

canoe trip and did fairly well

considering the conditions.



The lake was windy when they got there so they had to fish in a small stream instead of going to their original spot.

JJ got one LM bass and a pumpkinseed and Josh got 5 fish, two pumpkinseeds, a perch, and one small pickerel and a small bass.

Later they have their Dad, Big Bass Jim, on the podcast to talk about his new rod and his big bass he caught on a previous canoe trip.

Stump the Fisherman

What type of jig deals with sports?

Answer:  A Football Jig – JJ answered correctly.

Fish Totals

JJ: 54 fish

Josh: 78 fish

They did very well this month.


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(Podcast Published 8-4-2016)


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