6 Things a Beginner Ice-Fisherman Needs(Part 1) – BCB79

SAM_7953Are you thinking about ice-fishing this year?

Here are 6 things you need to get started ice-fishing.

1. Safety Equipment

Spud – for checking the thickness of the ice as you walking out.

Cleats – to put on your boots so you won’t slip.

Ice-picks – to help you get back on the ice, in the incident you fall in.

Life Jacket – This is a good idea for early and late ice.

Rope – to help pull somebody out of the water in case they fall in.

2.Ice Drill

Power Augers – There are many different kinds of  power augers, gas, propane, and electric.  They are the way to go if you are going to be drilling lots of ho

les, especially if the ice is thick.

Hand Augers – Are usually in the $50 – $100 range.  You won’t want to buy one that is over 8″ or it will be hard to drill through the ice.


You could either buy a combo or buy the rod and reel separately.  The power, action, and length depends on what you will be fishing for.


There are many different kinds of tip-ups to choose from, stick, wind, and HT polar tip-ups.

 5.Line/Lures/Hooks and Bait

Line – You will want to use a lighter line than you do open water fishing.

Lures – There are many different lures you could chose from, Jigging Raps, Spoons, Jigs, and more.

Hooks – Hook size will depend on with spiecic you are fishing for.

Bait – Minnows and maggots are the most popular baits for ice-fishing.

6.Warm Clothes

Hat – You lose 15% of you body heat through your head.

Boots – Make sure you get a pair of boots that keep you feet warm because once you feet get cold you lose the fun expirerence.

Jacket – a wind proof jacket would be a good choice.

Gloves – JJ and Josh both just got a new pair of HT Gloves.  And they also have some fingerless gloves so they can tie lures, and hook bait.

Long Underwear – This will keep you warm on the very cold days.

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