Bass, Brookles, and Not Stumped – BCB78


Screen shot 2015-11-29 at 4.11.52 PM

The water is getting colder and it

might be time to change some

of your lure presentations.





Fishing Tips

When the water drops down to the 50˚ range the bass start feeding for the coming winter.  You should use smaller baits and fish them slower.

Brook trout are different, they become active as the water cools and they will be easier to catch.  Make sure you check your regulations for your area before you go out because there are special regs in some states this time of  year.

Stump the Fisherman

How many Bassmaster Classic wins and Angler of the Year Titles does Kevin Vandam have?

Answer: 4 Classic wins and 7 Angler of the Year titles – JJ answered correctly!


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