Rising Rivers and AOY Results – BCB73

This week JJ and Josh do not have a trip report to discus, but the Bassmaster Elite AOY Championship took place from Sep. 27 – 30th.

Elite Picks

JJ: 312 points

Josh: 250 points

Fishing News

Lots of rain hit the northeast this past week, that means the rivers are going to be high and it will affect the fishing.

Stump the Fisherman

Which lake was the 2013 Bassmaster Classic held on?

Answer: Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees – JJ answered correctly!

September Fishing Tips and 100 Pound Catfish – BCB69

JJ and Josh do not have a trip report this week, but they have some fun stuff to talk about.

Stump the Fisherman 

What type of lure is best on a cloudy low pressure day?

Josh answered the question correctly so he gets 1 point.

Fishing News

Troy Powers, 16, caught a Flathead Catfish that was guessed to weight more than 100 pounds.


Episode 62: Wade Fishing Success and Wind Rhymes

This week JJ and Josh have two trip reports to discuss, but only one trip they caught some fish.  This was their first time they experienced wade fishing.  They also have a new Caster Question and mention  their next canoe trip.

JJ and Josh state the top 100 bass lakes in their area and talk little bit about some of them.


If the wind is in the north do not go forth.

If the wind is in the south it puts the hook in the fishes mouth.

If the wind is in the east the fish bite the least.

If the wind is in the west the fish bite the best.


Episode 55: Havasu Results and Record Gar

This week JJ and Josh do not have a fishing report, but they do have a new segment where they talk about the elite tournaments which they follow.  This week they have the Havasu results.  Aaron Martens won that event and he was using a blackbird mimicking bait for some of the time.


A guy in oklahoma caught a record gar: http://www.odumagazine.com/biggest-fish-ever-caught-in-oklahoma/

Episode 41: Lots of Fish and our First Guest

This week JJ and Josh talk about there most recent fishing trip.  They caught mostly perch and it was snowing hard.   Their first guest went fishing with them and they discussed the fishing trip.


Sometimes if you lose a fish as your lifting it up out of the hole, you can grab it before it swims away because the fish doesn’t know where it is.


A 12 year old girl caught a world record yellow perch, it was 2 pounds 11.68 oz.


Episode 40: Interviews, Records and a couple laughs

We were interviewed by Zach and Matt from the podcast “2 Pound Test & a Bare Hook”.  You can find them on itunes and their website: http://2poundtest.com/  We were also interviewed by “The Maine Outdoors” radio program on Jan. 18th: http://www.wvomfm.com/pages/18559211.php


Two record fish were caught on January 2nd.