Jordan Lee and Fantasy Fail – BCB155

Jordan Lee took home the 2018 BassMaster Classic victory!  We are hyped and have fun discussing how our fantasy teams did.

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Catch & Release and Pickerels’ Favorites – BCB74

There is no trip report again this week, but JJ and Josh still have some great stuff to talk about.

Elite Picks

In summing up the the Elite Picks they share the total points they have for the year.

JJ: 1743 points

Josh: 1402 points – Winner for the year!


Catch and release is important because if enough people kept a bunch of fish then the fish population would decrease.

Stump the Fisherman

What lure or lures do pickerel not like?

a. spinners

b. plastic worms

c. flies

d. jigs

e. none of the above



Rising Rivers and AOY Results – BCB73

This week JJ and Josh do not have a trip report to discus, but the Bassmaster Elite AOY Championship took place from Sep. 27 – 30th.

Elite Picks

JJ: 312 points

Josh: 250 points

Fishing News

Lots of rain hit the northeast this past week, that means the rivers are going to be high and it will affect the fishing.

Stump the Fisherman

Which lake was the 2013 Bassmaster Classic held on?

Answer: Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees – JJ answered correctly!