Derby Experience and three-way Bassmaster fantasy picks – BCB#171

Trip Report

Our derby fishing experience was not the most fun but we still had a good time.  We caught zero fish and only saw one other party catch a medium sized bass.

Elite Tournament Segment

This episode has a few controversies as well (like BCB169) and JJ and Josh have some friendly debates.

JJ – Tie. 62 lbs 12 oz, A. Jordan Lee, B. Aaron Martens, C. Mark Daniels Jr, D. Jesse Wiggins, E. Jacob Powroznik.

Josh – Tie. 53 lbs 12 oz, A. Ott Defoe, B. Aaron Martens, C. Michael Iaconelli, D. Adrian Avena, E. Edwin Evers.

Jeremy – Tie. 85 lbs 7 oz, A. Jordan Lee, B. Cassy Ashley, C. Michael Iaconelli, D. Bradley Roy, E. Edwin Evers.


Please email us or comment on the show down below.  We hope you enjoyed it and thank you for listening!


(Podcasted Published 3-14-2019)


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