Debating Fantasy and Football Fun – BCB#169

Trip Report

We ice fished on a lake where we have been previously but not this year.  Five fish were caught, Josh catching two of them.  They were small yellow perch caught on tip-ups in 30 feet of water.  Two others were caught on a jig rod in 11 feet of water.  The ice was 12 to 14 inches thick and abnormally smooth for this time of year.

Elite Tournament Segment

The Bassmaster Elites are going to the St. John River in FL.

We discuss the upcoming Classic and the move of almost half the Elite anglers to Major League Fishing which is a televised tournament trail.

Also, we talk about our fantasy goals including winning the boat!!!!!!!!!!!

Tips and Techniques

Later in the podcast JJ mentions how our live bait looked almost dead from being in the cold but revived!

Fantasy Picks

JJ: Tie- 75 lbs 8 oz, E- Jake Whitaker, D- Paul Mueller, C- Bill Lowen, B- Michael Frazier, A- Scott Canterbury

Josh: Tie- 82 lbs 6 oz, E- Chris Zaldain, D- Cliff Prince, C- Brandon Lester, B- Seth Feider, A- Keth Combs

We discuss strategy and tactics for fantasy including home lake advantage and picking low percentage anglers, and have some disagreements as well.  This is a very exciting set


JJ – 1 fish for 2019

Josh – 2 fish for 2019


Thank you for listening!!  After the totals segment we have a little bit of Superbowl talk!  It gets a little political!!!!!!!!!!!  JJ’s score prediction is 34 28 Pats.  Josh’s score prediction is 34 24  Pats.

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(Podcasted Published 2-3-2019)


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