First 2019 Show and Two Trip Reports – BCB#167

In this episode we reflect back on 2018 and discuss our new hosting platform which allows you to download all the episodes in our podcast feed!  Enjoy listening to us when we were young….. younger!

Trip Reports:  

Josh when on a short trip and caught one perch on his new wind tip-up.


On the second trip we all went the same lake and this time I caught a pickerel on my wind tip-up.  It was cloudy and warm.jj-pickerel.jpg

Fishing News:

The Clary Lake dam is back in operation!  Clary Lake is filling back up and should be good for canoeing this summer.  The fishing may not be good for a few years as the spawning habitat was not submerged for a few years.

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(Podcasted Published 1-6-2019)


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