KVD Leads and Martens’ Speeds – BCB138

DSCN5540JJ and Josh are back after a two week unintentional break.  We recorded most of an episode last week but it deleted.  We only have the Elite stuff this week and will give you three trip reports in the next podcast.

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More Summer Fishing and Best Bass Lakes – BCB137

DSCN7457In the last few weeks, we went on two canoe trips that were very interesting.  We tried out our new topwater, weedless frogs and they generate some action but so far we have not caught anything on them.  We also have tips and Stump the Fisherman.

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Semi-Successful Trip and Night Fishing Safety- BCB135

DSCN6996   We went fishing at the same spot as last time.  JJ caught 10 fish and Josh didn’t catch anything.  Several others in the group caught some nice bass including this one that our younger brother hooked!  It was very cold and windy so the conditions were tough, but it was still fun going out into the great outdoors.

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