2018 Relaunch and Website Makeover – BCB148

Version 2
This is a similar yellow perch to the ones that were caught.

Welcome to the Basscaster Bros 2018!!  We have a new commitment to the podcast and have an exciting year planned for you.  This week we have a trip report, BCB history, updated website, and a new version of STF.

Trip Report:

We got 5 yellow perch in the first 15 minutes of the trip but after that it turned off.  It was 10 degrees with a wind so we got to experience fishing in very cold weather.  We discuss challenges of fishing in that cold weather and also more details about the trip.

Stump the Fisherman:

This year we are changing STF so it will be more opinion questions instead of true/false or yes/no questions.  You hear us planing the segment live on the episode.  JJ asks Josh,” What is your opinion on whether Elite Tournaments should have live weigh-ins or electronic weigh-ins?” Listen for Josh’s opinion.   Also, we may have listener participation later.

Innovation Factory:

Don’t forget to check out the Innovation Factory website through our link.  Their Survival Axe Elite is the tool we have.  Check out the Innovation Factory page on our website for pictures.


Near the end, Josh and JJ talk about a little about themselves and the history of the BassCaster Bros Podcast.

Note: we do not have a external mic for this episode.  The audio is not great.


If you have any questions or feedback
email: basscasterbros@gmail.com
Please rate and review BassCaster Bros. in iTunes or Sticher Radio. Or comment below.

(Podcast Published 1-10-2018)

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