Rainy Day Catching and Finally Totals – BCB139

DSCN8337This week we have multiple trip reports and a comprehensive review of our fish totals for 2017.  This is a great time of year for fishing during cloudy/rainy days; just be careful of lightning.  Hope you enjoy the episode.

Trip 1: We went fishing in the rain, one of the few time we have, and caught 31 fish.  Yellow perch, white perch, LM bass, and pickerel.  Our dad also caught the first fish on the new top water frogs.  It was raining too hard to get pictures of any fish.

Trip 2: Josh caught another fish on the top water frog.  He also caught a 17 1/2 inch bass on a crankbait.  We rarely eat fish but on this trip we kept a white perch and ate it.  They are more edible in our opinion than yellow perch.

2017 Totals: We have went on approx. 11 fishing trips this year with a lot of varitey.  We didn’t do any ice fishing in 2017 though.  As for fish species, there were many different kinds we caught this year.  Josh and JJ hope to do a lot more fishing while summer lasts.

For 2017: JJ – 42 fish, Josh – 45.

STF: JJ asks Josh,” How many Elite tournaments are left, what dates are they, and where are they going?  Josh got it wrong.  The Score is still: JJ – 2, Josh – 2.


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(Podcast Published 8-9-2017)

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