New Lake, Great Lake? and St.Clair Picks – BCB140

JJ and Josh have two trip reports for you this week as they are recovering from an illness.  We also bring you the Elite Tournament Segment and Fantasy Fishing.

Trip 1: The first half of the trip was almost a blank except for one small bass JJ almost caught.  Later, Josh caught 2 nice LM bass, and JJ lost several nice ones as well.  Several others in the group also caught some nice fish. (The pictures are not from these trips).

Fantasy Segment: We have a lot of fun discussing our picks!

Tie Breaker Weight: JJ – 83 lbs 12 oz, Josh – 83 lbs, 3 oz.

Bucket A: JJ – Jordan Lee, Josh – Seth Feider.

Bucket B: JJ – Cliff Pirch, Josh – Alton Jones Jr.

Bucket C: JJ – Dean Rojas, Josh – Justin Lucas.

Bucket D: JJ – Paul Mueller, Josh – Chad Pipkins.

Bucket E: JJ – Brian Snowden, Josh – Chris Lane.

Elite Tournament Segment:  The anglers will be going to Lake St. Clair in Michigan from August 24th through 27th.  Is St. Clair a Great Lake?  Who will run up or down to which lake, in which boat, with which guy?  Listen to find out more about this mix-up.

Trip 2:  We went to a more rural lake earlier in the day.  The fishing started out ok but it got windy and the fish stopped biting until the end where we got a few perch.  Josh and JJ each caught 3 with 13 total for the group.

Thank you for listening, and please email with any questions or ideas you have.

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(Podcast Published 8-23-2017)

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