AOY Race and Fantasy Debate – BCB141

DSCN2642No trip report this week, but a full bag of Elite Tournament stuff including a fantasy segment, and who will not be fishing the Elite series next year.

Weekly Report: Maine rivers are very low, we need rain.

Condolences to Houston TX and surrounding areas in reference to Hurricane Harvey.

Elite Tournament Segment:  

Jason Christie won the BassMaster Elite Tournament at Lake St. Clair.  Brock Mosley was second.  Mark Daniels Jr. third.  Jordan Lee fourth.  Matt Lee fifth.  Jason Christie had 88 lbs 8 oz.

Fantasy Fishing Segment:  

JJ picked Dean Rojas who finished 106th, while on the other side Jordan Lee and Paul Mueller finished in the top 10!

Josh had several average guys but only went down 1% in the overall fantasy score.

Elite Tournament Segment 2:

JJ and Josh discuss who will and will not be fishing next year due to not qualifying through the AOY race.  They may be able to qualify through a different venue though.  Terry Scroggins, Chad Pipkens, and Tim Horton are some of the big names that have not qualified.

Also, there are three contenders for the AOY Title.  Brandon Paliniuk, Jason Christie, and Jacob Wheeler are the three but Jacob Wheeler may be to far behind to have a chance.

Fantasy Segment 2:  

We do something a little different this time as the Miles Lacs Lake is still over 10 days out.  Josh and I discuss who would be a good pick in each bucket before we pick the anglers instead of going over the buckets after we pick.  Have fun listening!


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(Podcast Published 9-8-2017)

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