BCB Tournament and FLW results – BCB126

Weekly report: Ice conditions are still ok in northern and central Maine.   Keep safety in mind: spud, life jackets, ice picks, rope, etc.  Also, snowmobilers, be safe!  9 snowmobile fatalities this year and 85 PI accidents!

JJ and Josh go over the FLW tournaments, and how Mark Rose and Bryan Thrift are 1st and 2nd in two events!

Totals: JJ – 0, Josh – 0……. the ice is going so we’ll probably have to wait until open water.

We talk about the competition we started last year where we try to catch as many lbs of bass as possible every trip.  This models the Elite Anglers but we don’t keep the fish.

Tips: How to save money when buying fishing gear; and look for old lures at your local fishing holes: in trees, along the shore, etc.

STF: JJ – 1, Josh – 1   JJ asks Josh a question twice in a row by mistake.  It is a SM bass question.

Fun Fact: LM bass and SM bass are not bass at all, they are panfish.  Striped bass and white perch are true bass.


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(Podcast Published 3-16-2017)

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