Okeechobee Results and Spring Planning – BCB125

Weekly Report: Lakes are starting to melt and are unstable!!!! Snow is melting but winter is not over yet.

Elite Tournament Segment: Tim Horton won the event with 83 lbs 1oz.  The 3rd and 4th days were very hard because of the wind.

A Fun Fact: Dave Lefebre was 77th on the first day but finnished 6th!

Fishing Tips: JJ thinks ice fishing will be over in March.  They talk about spring plans: not going for bass in early spring, going for bass instead of white perch in May, etc.

Fantasy Fishing Segment: JJ and Josh both did terrible.  Justin Lucas finished 85th for JJ but he is contemplating picking him next time.  Listen for discussion on that and about home-lake advantage.

Greg Hackney was our best guy; finished 5th.

STF: JJ asked Josh, ” What diameter Mono has the same diameter as our 20 lbs braid.”  Josh got it wrong so the score still is JJ – 1, Josh – 0.


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(Podcast Published 3-6-2017)

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