The Big “O” and Wheeler’s Win – BCB124

Weekly report: Maine has had 4-6 feet of snow in the past week.  Great for some and not so great for others.

Josh had a great team for the BASS tornament, 83%!  JJ’s team was so-so, 50%.

We discuss whether JJ should continue to pick Justin Lucas since he finnished 100th place.

The Cherokee Lake Elite Bassmaster tournament:   Paul Mueller #5;  Seth Feider #4; Jesse Wiggins #3; Jamie Hartman #2; Jacob Wheeler #1.

We do our Elite picks for Okeechobee Lake, and JJ and Josh have a lot of fun as always.

Our tie breaker weights are: Josh – 87 lbs 13oz; JJ- 94 lbs 2oz.

The Anglers are fishing Lake Okeechobee in Florida from Feb. 23th to 26th.  This lake is 700 sq. miles compared to Moosehead lake in Maine which is 120 sq. miles.

Is Moosehead lake the biggest lake contained in one state east of the Mississippi River?


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(Podcast Published 2-26-2017)



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