FurBalls&DogBones and Fantasy Intro – BCB122

Weekly report: Northern Maine is iced up but southern Maine has little ice.  Be careful out there.

We interview the hosts of the FurBalls&DogBones podcast.  Jalene and Jessa started this podcast to fill a need in the pet podcast world.

Some tips they share are: Make share your dog is well trained before you take him or her ice fishing, and it is a good idea to have you dog wear a life jacket when ice fishing.  Stay tuned for more.

Email: furballsdogbones@myfairpoint.net

Website: furballsdogbones.wordpress.com

Fantasy Fishing: No auto-fills this year.  We are very excited about that!  Stay tune for the joke. 🙂

BassMaster Elites are going to Lake Cherokee in TN from February 9 – 12.


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(Podcast Published 2-7-2017)

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