Double Ice Outing and New Year’s Goals – BCB120

We had a interesting trip.  JJ was sick with a cold so josh had to do the heavy lifting.  Also we only got our ice fishing stuff out and ready 2 days before the trip!  8 fish were caught total: JJ – 3, Josh – 2.

Our second ice fishing trip was just a short one on a new pond. Zero fish were caught.

In our STF segment, JJ answers the question wrong.  The Elites are coming to Lake Champlain not Oneida Lake in NY.

Totals: Josh has 101 fish for 2016; and JJ has 81 fish for 2016.  We ice fished at the beginning of and at the end of 2016.

We list our fishing goals for 2017.

Be careful out there. The ice is not the safest this year.

Josh has a speed-cubing podcast called The CornerCutter Podcast.


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(Podcast Published 1-12-2017)

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