Double Bad Luck and Mississippi Stump – BCB109

sam_4989JJ and Josh went river fishing

and JJ had great luck this week.

They caught Bass, Perch, and Pickerel on crankbaits fishing a new stretch of river.

Elite Tournament Segment

Justin Lucas won the Potomac River event with 72-14.  He was the weight leader all 4 days.

In AOY Gerald Swindle is still leader.

Stump the Fisherman

What lake or river are the bassmaster elites going to in the next tournament?

Answer: Mississippi River in Wisconsin – JJ answered incorrectly.

Fantasy Results

JJ won this event, and was one of the best teams overall.

JJ’s best guy was Andy Montgomery, he came in 5th.

Josh’s was Luke Clausen, he came in 14th.


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(Podcast Published 8-25-2016)


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