First Canoe Catch and Fall Fishing – BCB110

sam_5075JJ caught one bass on his new

rod shore fishing of the dock.

JJ recently got a new fishing rod, it is a Youth Ugly Stick and he likes it so far.

Elite Tournament Segment

The BassMaster Elites will be going to the Mississippi River in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

They will be fishing from September 8 – 11.
Fish Totals
JJ: 62 fish
Josh: 80 fish
They both hope to get over 100 fish for the year.
Stump the Fisherman
What species of fish did we first catch canoeing?
Answer: Smallmouth bass – Josh answered incorrectly.
Fishing Tips
In the summer the bass move in to the deeper water, 15-30 feet.  But then in the fall they move shallow again to feed and to get fat for winter.  Good luck fishing out there.


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(Podcast Published 9-2-2016)


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