Celebrating #100 and Two Fishing Adventures – BCB100

SAM_2490_2JJ and Josh are very excited

for episode 100 which

is a jam-packed show.



This week they have two Trip Reports. First, they went to a river/lake area and Josh got 1 brookie and 2 pumpkinseeds. They were targeting white perch but they later they found out it was too early to catch them.  A few days later, they went to a small stocked pond and for brook trout.  Josh got 18 of them and JJ got 16.  Tackle used was #8 hooks and worms on 4lb test line.


Fantasy Results

This was JJ’s worst tournament this year.  He is at 29% and Josh is at 68%.

Elite tournament Segment

Kevin VanDam won the tournament at Toledo Bend with 96lbs-2oz.

Celebrating #100

JJ and Josh love listening to podcasts and they also like to fish so they decided to start a podcast.  After lots of discussing on a name, they started BassCaster Bros.  They learned a lot of their podcasting skills from The Audacity to Podcast.

They use GarageBand to record and edit their podcast.  And the host their podcast on BuzzSprout and they host their website on WordPress.com.

For our reboot: Josh is amost 15yrs. old and JJ is 16, and they do this podcast to teach people how to fish and just to have fun.  They talk lots about the Bassmaster Elite Tournaments and also about their Fantasy Picks.

JJ and Josh have designed and now have printed Podcast Cards for BassCaster Bros.

If you want some to give out to people please e-mail us: basscasterbros@gmail.com



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E-mail: basscasterbros@gmail.com

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