Bad Luck Stream and Comparable Picks – BCB99

DSCN1949JJ and Josh have a trip report this

week, but they did not catch any fish.





They went to a small stream to try to catch some brook trout with small jigs, and hooks with worms.

Fantasy Results

JJ is at about 49% and Josh is at 68% in Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing.

JJ won this event.  Josh’s best pick was Greg Hackney while JJ’s was Matt Herren.

Elite Tournament Segment

The next elite tournament will be held on Toledo Bend in Louisiana from May 12-15.

It is on the border of LA and TX.

Fantasy Picks

JJ and Josh discuss their picks for Toledo Bend.

JJ’s Team:

Randy Howell

Todd Faircloth

Bobby Lane

Mark Davis

David Walker

Total weight: 83-9


Josh’s Team:

Greg Hackney

Todd Faircloth

Bobby Lane

Chris Lane

Chad Morgenthaler

Total weight: 82-14

Fish Totals

JJ: 22 fish

Josh: 26 fish

Same as last month because they did not catch any fish.


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