Soft Water Adventure and Fish Positions – BCB93

SAM_2254JJ and Josh went on their first open

water fishing trip this year.

They went mainly to test some lures and just to get a feel for soft water again.  It was sunny but it was very cold and windy.

The next Bassmaster Elite Tournament is coming up in a few weeks.

JJ and Josh have designed and now have printed Podcast Cards for BassCaster Bros.

If you want some to give out to people please e-mail us:


Fishing Tips

You can find lots of fishing lures and bobbers in trees, bushes, and on the ground of the popular fishing areas you go to.  In previous years JJ and Josh have found a bunch of fishing stuff.

Stump the Fisherman

What fish besides the Large Mouth Bass and Small Mouth Bass are fished for in tournaments in the south?    Answer: Spotted Bass.

Josh answered correctly.



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