Gear Maintenance and St. John Picks – BCB92

SAM_1534Ice is just about gone from the lakes

and the Bassmaster Elites are getting

ready for the first tournament.




Fishing Tips

Every year before the lakes completely ice out JJ and Josh get ready for soft water fishing.

1. Put away the ice fishing gear.

2. Cut off rigs(if you do it like them).

3. Clean up and oil your reels and restring and straiten out your line.

Elite Tournament Segment

The 1st tournament in the elite series is taking place March 17th-20th.

Fantasy Fishing

JJ and Josh discuss their picks for the St. John river.

JJ’s Team:

   Justin Lucas

   Randy Howell

   Terry Scroggins

   Randall Tharp

   Chad Grigsby

Total weight: 82 : 11


Josh’s Team:

   Edwin Evers

   Todd Faircloth

   Terry Scroggins

   Chad Morgenthaler

   Drew Benton

Total weight: 92 : 5

Stump the Fisherman

Edwin Evers fished 200 tournaments.  How many of them were top 20 finishes?

JJ answered incorrectly.


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