Spring Already? and Fish Cuisine – BCB89


Warm weather means the ice

is not going to stay for much longer.

JJ and Josh discuss the weather conditions and what it might do to the ice.

Stump the Fisherman

How old is the Bassmaster Elite Angler Aaron Martens?  Answer: 43 years old.

Josh answered incorrectly.

Fishing Tips

Many people enjoy eating fish.  You can cook them by baking, steaming, frying, or boiling.

Perch – White perch are a cleaner fish than yellow perch having worms only 5% of the time, but 95% of yellow perch have worms.

Pickerel – have lots of small bones, but you can remove most of them by soaking the fillet in milk or vinegar.

Pike – they are less bony than pickerel and you can fillet them a special way to avoid the bones.

Brook Trout – one of the most popular fish to eat in Maine.

Bullhead – quite a slimy fish, but some people like it.



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