Some Skunked Fishermen and a Successful Guest – BCB88

GEThe weather was windy and warm on

the recent fishing outing they went on.

There was lots of slush and water on the ice so JJ and Josh could only stay for a short time. Unfortunately they were both skunked, but at least they were able to get out on the ice.

Later on in the podcast they have on their sister Marie who went with them on the trip and she was the only one who caught fish.

Elite Tournament Segment

The Classic is coming up quickly.  According to the classic will be held from  March 4 ~ 6, 2016.  It will be on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Stump the Fisherman 

In the 2015 Bassmaster Classic who came in 2nd place? – Answer: Bobby Lane

JJ answered incorrectly.


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