Ice Updates and Jigging Styles – BCB85

Screen shot 2016-02-03 at 7.27.31 PMJJ and Josh discuss their possible

upcoming ice-fishing trip and the big

snowstorm hitting the east coast.





Fishing Tips

There are 4 main jigging patters:

1. Pauses – let you bait sit still, this work got for live bait.

2. Slight bumping – 1/16 to 1 inch bumps.

3. Small hops – 3″ to 8″

4. Big jumps – 1′ to 3′ jumps

You can use a combination of these and also you should try different patters until you find what the fish like.

Also a great way to hold your rod is like this:

SAM_0082 SAM_0080







It is easier to feel bites when the fish are finicky.

Josh has a 5′ 10″ rod he use for both ice and open water fishing, but during the ice-fishing season he takes it apart and electrical tapes it together so it’s shorter and easier to handle.



SAM_0077 SAM_0076 SAM_0075










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