Ice-Fishing Perch and STF Round 2 – BCB84

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.18.12 PMJJ and Josh went on their first ice-fishing

trip for 2016.  It was snowing

lightly and they caught lots of fish.

JJ caught 11 fish and Josh caught 7 fish so it was a good start to the year.  With the snowy conditions it was great fishing and flags kept popping frequently.




Fishing Tips

Having a few minnows in a small container is very helpful so you can carry it around easily while setting and resetting tip-ups.

Bait size is important because if it’s too big the fish won’t be able to get it in their mouth.

Small minnows is good for perch and panfish, medium for bass, small pickerel, and trout.  Large is for bigger pickerel, pike, and muskie.

Stump the Fisherman

JJ started off Round 2 of STF with asking Josh the first question.

Is there a place in North America were people ice-fish for sharks and grouper?

Josh answered correctly and gets 1 point.


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