First Ice and STF Results – BCB83

GEThe ice-fishing season is coming up quickly

and it is time to get all the equipment ready.





JJ and Josh were out scouting the ice on ponds last weekend.  There soon will be enough ice for safe fishing.

They also just watched episode 27 of Tom Gruenwald Outdoors. TGO is a fun show to watch and it is a great way to get ice-fishing tips.

Fishing Tips

The ice can only support so much weight and here are some guidelines:  In episode 79 of BCB we discuss ice safety equipment.

Drilling holes to find the right fishing spot like humps or ledges can be challenging especially if you only have a hand auger.  JJ and Josh have figured out a way to do it easily .

Stump the Fisherman 

JJ and Josh share the results of the first round of STF in this weeks podcast.

JJ: 5 points – Winner!

Josh: 4 points

Fish Totals

2015 is over so this is the years review:

JJ: 47 fish

Josh: 95 fish – just under 100 which was his goal for the year.


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